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Helps Start-Ups and organizations do better Agile. We bring together solutions to help companies adapt, transform and scale their business with Agile development methodologies. We focus on the alignment of people to be “Super Teams”, Processes and Technology to build and optimize a lasting framework to grow your business with a real value to your clients frequent needs and speed of light deliver ability’s market solutions.




Our best of team Services:

@  Agile\Lean Implementation for Start-ups

@  ‘Super Teams’ Workshops ,Training & Innovation lectures

@  Supporting Agile Scrum transition process

@  Consulting SDLC for R&D  Processes & Methodologies.(Scrum \ Kanban \ Lean).

@  Establishing & Transforming QA departments with vast utilization for Scrum \ Kanban \Lean


Start-up Coaching

Let’s Agile Your Start(Up)


  • Start – up ‘Chaos’ transition to Agile Scrum Methodology
  • Agile – Scrum \ Kanban Implementation
  • On shore \ off shore organization & team training \workshops
  • In house Scrum Master  (Internal Certification)
  • Tools and Utilization (ALM)




 Start(Up) organizing your company!


Six Months to Launch,my cofounders and I began a period of intense work. As the chief technology it was my responsibility, among other things, to write the software that would support IM interoperability across networks. My cofounders and I worked for months, putting in crazy hours struggling to get our 8rst product released. We gave ourselves a hard deadline of six months —180 days—to launch the product and attract our 8rst paying customers. It was a grueling schedule, but we were determined to launch on time. The add-on product was so large and complex and had so many The add-on product was so large and complex and had so many moving parts that we had to cut a lot of corners to get it done on time. I won’t mince words: the 8rst version was terrible. We spent endless hours arguing about which bugs to 8x and which we could live with, which features to cut and which to try to cram in. It was a wonderful and terrifying time: we were full of hope about the possibilities for success and full of fear about the consequences of shipping a bad product. Personally, I was worried that the low quality of the product would tarnish my reputation as an engineer. People would think I didn’t know how to build a quality product. All of us feared tarnishing the IMVU brand; after all, we were charging people money for a product that didn’t work very well. We all envisioned the damning newspaper headlines: “Inept Entrepreneurs Build Dreadful Product.” As launch day approached, our fears escalated. In our situation, many entrepreneurial teams give in to fear and postpone the launch date. Although I understand this impulse, I am glad we persevered, since delay prevents many startups from getting the feedback they need. Our previous failures made us more afraid of another, even worse, outcome than shipping a bad product: building something that nobody wants. And so, teeth clenched and apologies at the ready, we released our product to the public.

-Eric Rise (The Lean Startup)



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