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Helps Start-Ups and organizations do better Agile. We bring together solutions to help companies adapt, transform and scale their business with Agile development methodologies. We focus on the alignment of people to be “Super Teams”, we bring Processes and Technology to build and optimize a lasting framework to grow your business with a real value to your clients frequent needs and speed of light deliver ability’s market solutions.



Our best of team Services:

  •   Agile\Lean Implementation for Start-ups
  •  ‘Trust’ Workshops ,Training & lectures
  •   Mentoring Agile Scrum transition process
  •   Consulting SDLC for R&D  Processes & Methodologies.(Scrum \ Kanban \ Lean).
  •   Establishing & Transforming QA departments with vast utilization for Agile – Scrum



(2,300+)  ♛ Account Manager at Physicians First Messages, Inc.

David is an outstanding person, trustworthy, committed, reliable and a transformative leader who sets a great example for others! David is an impressive employer, extremely innovative, focused, collaborative and results-oriented. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with him on important projects within Scrum Value, he has inspired the team to complete difficult situations but with his assistant, we solved the issue as a team! Highly recommend working with David again in the near future.

August 12, 2015, Leo worked directly with David at Scrum Value

Start-up Coaching

Let’s Agile Your Start(Up)

  • Start – up ‘Chaos’ transition to Agile Scrum Methodology
  • Agile – Scrum \ Kanban Implementation
  • Team Building Mentoring
  • On shore \ off shore organization & team training \workshops
  • In house Scrum Master  (Internal Certification)
  • Tools and Utilization (ALM)

 Start(Up) organizing your company!


Six Months to Launch,my cofounders and I began a period of intense work. As the chief technology it was my responsibility, among other things, to write the software that would support IM interoperability across networks. My cofounders and I worked for months, putting in crazy hours struggling to get our 8rst product released. We gave ourselves a hard deadline of six months —180 days—to launch the product and attract our 8rst paying customers. It was a grueling schedule, but we were determined to launch on time. The add-on product was so large and complex and had so many The add-on product was so large and complex and had so many moving parts that we had to cut a lot of corners to get it done on time. I won’t mince words: the 8rst version was terrible. We spent endless hours arguing about which bugs to 8x and which we could live with, which features to cut and which to try to cram in. It was a wonderful and terrifying time: we were full of hope about the possibilities for success and full of fear about the consequences of shipping a bad product. Personally, I was worried that the low quality of the product would tarnish my reputation as an engineer. People would think I didn’t know how to build a quality product. All of us feared tarnishing the IMVU brand; after all, we were charging people money for a product that didn’t work very well. We all envisioned the damning newspaper headlines: “Inept Entrepreneurs Build Dreadful Product.” As launch day approached, our fears escalated. In our situation, many entrepreneurial teams give in to fear and postpone the launch date. Although I understand this impulse, I am glad we persevered, since delay prevents many startups from getting the feedback they need. Our previous failures made us more afraid of another, even worse, outcome than shipping a bad product: building something that nobody wants. And so, teeth clenched and apologies at the ready, we released our product to the public.

-Eric Rise (The Lean Startup)



Here is what Inspired me and why I love to be Agile Consultant and part of the Agility movement:

Enjoy it’s all for You…

Kanban for Agile software development

Software Engineering 1 – Week 8 – Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development with Microsoft Visual Studio ALM

Plan-based and agile software processes

Agile Embedded Software Development, what’s wrong with it?

What is Agile Methodology Explain Its advantages Interview Question

Complete Agile Methodology and Scrum process Tutorial

A New Business Model of Custom Software Development For Agile Software Development – fse2014/11/18

Damien Thouvenin – From Agile Software Development to building an agile company

Agile Manifesto for Business Analysts – Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation

Agile Testing, Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development on Large Projects

Manifesto for Agile Software Development | PMI-ACP Certification Course | Agile Manifesto

Copy of Kanban for Agile software development

Software Development in the 21st Century • Martin Fowler

2. Seven Reasons for Agile: Problems of Waterfall Model

Agile Software Development Revision

Agile Software Development training in Kitchener (I).

Agile Testing – Example Agile Test Strategy and Agile Test Plan

Курс “Agile Software Development” Урок 1

Top 10 Pitfalls in Agile Software Development

Project Management Approach with Agile Software Development 1of2

Lecture – 26 Agile Development

J. B. Rainsberger – The Next Decade of Agile Software Development

“Agile Architecture” – Molly Dishman & Martin Fowler Keynote

Decoding Agile Software Development – Executive Seminar

COP2271C – Class #4.5 – Software Development – Agile Software Development Process

BDPA Detroit Info Exchange meeting Thursday, April 18, 2013 – Agile Software Development

The role of leadership in software development

Agile Methodology

Agile Engineering Practices

Gojko Adzic at Scan-Agile 2015 – Transforming the software development industry

JAVA Project Implementation – agile Model by Mr Naveen

A Retake on the Agile Manifesto • J. Humble, D. Thomas, T. Badiceanu, M. Fowler & K. Kirk

Webinar: Getting Agile with Pivotal Tracker

6.3.2 Software Development Methodologies

Agile Beyond Software – Allan Kelly – Agile on the Beach 2014

LAS Conference 2014 – Keynote Bob Marshall – The different Worlds of Software Development

21 May 2014, The Role of Systems Engineering in Large Scale Agile Development Teams 2

Is Software Architecture Still Relevant in Agile Development? | Simplilearn

Agile Methodology

Bosnia Agile KickOff: Jurgen Appelo – Management 3.0 in 60 minutes (Keynote)

Agile Development: Product Delivery for Successful Organizations – November 2010

Agile Connect 2011 – Keynote: Software Design in the 21st Century

Database Development in Agile World – Marc Munro

A New Agile Testing Ecosystem – EuroSTAR – Michael Bolton

[KrakówGTUG] Day to day software development at Google (Petra Cross)

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Agile Anti-patterns! Yes Your Agile Project Can And Will Fail Too!

Lean Startup: Why it Rocks far more than Agile Development • Joshua Kerievsky

Agile Best Practices from Code School

Iseltech13 — João Paulo Carvalho — Genio AGILE Automatic Software Development

Meetup: Exploratory Testing for Complex Software; Lessons from Cloud Foundry

DevNation 2014 – Neal Ford – Opening Keynote: Agile Architecture and Design

Agile development: Are you really being agile? (Part 1 of 2)

Seb Rose – Behavior Driven Development – BDD by Example – Agile on the Beach 2014

Business Agility & software development Pt 2 – Alan Chedalawada- Valtech Agile Edge Oct 09

Agile Myths

What is Scrum? Agile Scrum in detail…

Practices for Agile Database Development by Pramod Sadalage

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The Agile Project Lifecycle and how it maps with Traditional PMBOK | Knowledgehut Webinars

Rebecca Wirfs Brock “Why We Need Architects (and Architecture) on Agile Projects”

Keynote: How BDD can save agile by Aslak Hellesoy

Agile Development in Practice: Tips and Tricks for Modernized Development Cycle

Part 7: Agile Contract Options – Rolling contracts

Keynote: Embrace Complexity, Scale Agility by Dave Snowden

Martin Fowler – Agile Essence and Fluency

The Five Habits of Successful Lean Development – Mary Poppendieck

Agile Vs Waterfall – Four Massive Differences

Agile Development within the Corporation

Agile In An Earned Value World

Fixed Price Agile Contracts – Dan Rawsthorne

The Software Process


Agile Scrum Testing methodology, process, challenges tutorial @ Portnov

“Engineering Software as a Service,” David Patterson and Armando Fox

Incorporating Performance Testing in Agile Process – Michael Vax

Bosnia Agile Day 2014: Scott Ambler – The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: Harmonizing Agile and Lean

Webcast Replay: Agile test-driven development with IBM Rational Rhapsody

CMMI & Agile — A perspective

Towards Agile at NSBM

Cutting an Agile Groove Coaching Agility – David Hussman

Leon Gersing-Truth, Myth & Reality in Software Development-2012 COHAA The Path to Agility Conference

Aleksej Kovaliov: 100 Legacy Systems VS 30 Agile Developers Who wins

Best Practices in Agile Mobile Application Development

If We’re Agile Why Do We Need Managers? Ron Lichty, 20141015

Uncomfortable Truths About User Stories – Jeff Patton

Bridging the gap between Lean and Agile to eliminate UW procurement encumbrances

Software Engineering-6-AgileProgramming

ALM Series: Scrum and Agile Management with Visual Studio 2012

Small is Beautiful – Sanjiv Augustine

Influencing Strategies for Agile Developers – Linda Rising

Behavior Driven Development – Martin Helmich

Webinar recording: Stories From The Agile War Room

Applying Project Management to enable Agile projects (aka Do guns kill people) – Mike Edwards

Agile Adria 2014 Keynote / Bob Marshall: The Antimatter Principle


Why can’t we be friends? Integrating Security into an Existing Agile SDLC



Top 100 Agile Books for you

NR Title Author(s) Year
1 Agile Estimating and Planning Mike Cohn 2005
2 Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship Robert C. Martin 2008
3 Working Effectively with Legacy Code Michael Feathers 2004
4 Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code Martin Fowler, et al. 1999
5 The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net Roy Osherove 2009
6 Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices Robert C. Martin 2002
7 The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Andrew Hunt, David Thomas 1999
8 Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business David J. Anderson 2010
9 Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum Mike Cohn 2009
10 Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce 2009
11 User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development Mike Cohn 2004
12 Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck 2003
13 Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software Eric Evans 2003
14 The Art of Agile Development James Shore, Shane Warden 2007
15 Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management Scott Berkun 2008
16 Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# Robert C. Martin, Micah Martin 2006
17 Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory 2009
18 Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World Venkat Subramaniam, Andy Hunt 2005
19 Behind Closed Doors Johanna Rothman, Esther Derby 2005
20 Applied Software Project Management Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene 2005
21 Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (1st+2nd Edition) Jim Highsmith 2009
22 xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code Gerard Meszaros 2007
23 Scrum and XP from the Trenches Henrik Kniberg 2007
24 Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck 2006
25 Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager’s Guide Craig Larman 2003
26 Writing Effective Use Cases Alistair Cockburn 2000
27 Refactoring to Patterns Joshua Kerievsky 2004
28 Agile Coaching Rachel Davies, Liz Sedley 2009
29 Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great Esther Derby, Diana Larsen 2006
30 Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Succes Amr Elssamadisy 2008
31 Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects Johanna Rothman 2009
32 The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development Donald G. Reinertsen 2009
33 Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises Dean Leffingwell 2007
34 Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams Alistair Cockburn 2004
35 Requirements by Collaboration Ellen Gottesdiener 2002
36 Agile Software Development with Scrum Ken Schwaber, Mike Beedle 2001
37 The Productive Programmer Neal Ford 2008
38 Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development James O. Coplien, Neil B. Harrison 2004
39 Agile Project Management with Scrum Ken Schwaber 2004
40 Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (1st+2nd Edition) Kent Beck, Cynthia Andres 1999
41 Managing the Design Factory Donald G. Reinertsen 1997
42 Manage It!: Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management Johanna Rothman 2007
43 Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck 2009
44 Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum Craig Larman, Bas Vodde 2009
45 Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum Craig Larman, Bas Vodde 2008
46 Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game (1st+2nd Edition) Alistair Cockburn 2001
47 Test Driven Development: By Example Kent Beck 2002
48 Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk Paul M. Duvall, Steve Matyas, Andrew Glover 2007
49 Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders Jean Tabaka 2006
50 Changing Software Development: Learning to Become Agile Allan Kelly 2008
51 Ship it! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects Jared Richardson, William A. Gwaltney 2005
52 Agility and Discipline Made Easy: Practices from OpenUP and RUP Per Kroll, Bruce MacIsaac 2006
53 Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design Scott W. Ambler, Pramodkumar J. Sadalage 2006
54 Managing Agile Projects Kevin J. Aguanno 2005
55 Beyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions Luke Hohmann 2003
56 Beautiful Teams: Inspiring and Cautionary Tales from Veteran Team Leaders Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene 2009
57 Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software Adam Goucher, Tim Riley 2009
58 Managing Agile Projects Sanjiv Augustine 2005
59 Lean-Agile Software Development: Achieving Enterprise Agility Alan Shalloway, Guy Beaver, James R. Trott 2009
60 Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love Roman Pichler 2010
61 Implementation Patterns Kent Beck 2006
62 Extreme Programming Installed Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, Chet Hendrickson 2000
63 Agile Excellence for Product Managers: A Guide to Creating Winning Products with Agile Development Teams Greg Cohen 2010
64 Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed Barry Boehm, Richard Turner 2003
65 Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme Robert K. Wysocki 2003
66 Emergent Design: The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development Scott L. Bain 2008
67 Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising 2004
68 Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little, Kent McDonald 2009
69 A Tale of Two Systems: Lean and Agile Software Development for Business Leaders Michael K. Levine 2009
70 Just Enough Requirements Management: Where Software Development Meets Marketing Alan Mark Davis 2005
71 Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers in Transition Lyssa Adkins 2010
72 Growing Software: Proven Strategies for Managing Software Engineers Louis Testa 2009
73 Becoming Agile: …in an Imperfect World Greg Smith, Ahmed Sidky 2008
74 Agile Game Development with Scrum Clinton Keith 2010
75 Test Driven: TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers Lasse Koskela 2007
76 The Business Value of Agile Software Methods: Maximizing Roi With Just-in-time Processes and Documentation David F. Rico, Hasan H. Sayani, Saya Sone 2009
77 A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum Elizabeth Woodward, Steffan Surdek, Matthew Ganis 2010
78 Principles of Software Development Leadership: Applying Project Management Principles to Agile Software Development Ken Whitaker 2009
79 Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption Amr Elssamadisy 2007
80 Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play Luke Hohmann 2006
81 Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results David J. Anderson 2003
82 Project Management the Agile Way: Making It Work in the Enterprise John C. Goodpasture 2009
83 The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility Michele Sliger, Stacia Broderick 2008
84 Business Agility: Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World Michael H. Hugos 2009
85 The Enterprise Unified Process: Extending the Rational Unified Process Scott W. Ambler, John Nalbone, Michael J. Vizdos 2005
86 Kanban and Scrum – Making the Most of Both Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin 2010
87 Agile Software Development: Best Practices for Large Software Development Projects Thomas Stober, Uwe Hansmann 2009
88 Bridging the Communication Gap: Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance Testing Gojko Adzic 2009
89 Software Endgames: Eliminating Defects, Controlling Change, And The Countdown To On-time Delivery Robert Galen 2004
90 Agile Modeling: Effective Practices for eXtreme Programming and the Unified Process Scott Ambler 2002
91 Agile Software Development Ecosystems Jim Highsmith 2002
92 Software by Numbers: Low-Risk, High-Return Development Mark Denne, Jane Cleland-Huang 2003
93 Scrumban – Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development Corey Ladas 2008
94 The Enterprise and Scrum Ken Schwaber 2007
95 Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide David Astels 2003
96 Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams: Balancing Sustainability and Speed Mario E. Moreira 2009
97 Testing Extreme Programming Lisa Crispin, Tip House 2002
98 Patterns for Effective Use Cases Steve Adolph, Paul Bramble 2002
99 Real-Time Agility: The Harmony/ESW Method for Real-Time and Embedded Systems Development Bruce Powel Douglass 2009
100 Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems Jim Highsmith 1999

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